Deciding to Serve

This is the story of how I decided to serve the Lord for 18 months:

I guess it all started when the announcement was first made. I felt so excited. If I could have at the time I might have jumped up and started my papers right then and there. However, I still had quite a few months before I could even start working on them. So I thought about it for a really long time. I prayed and asked many times. I switched from yes to no a couple times. Each time I asked I felt like nothing was coming from it. I really wanted an answer but I couldn’t get one. I sort of settled on no but kept thinking about it.

Then I decided, for some reason, to watch The District. I watched a couple of episodes and during one of them I got the greatest impression of how important every single person is. Each person matters so much. It was the coolest feeling. Just the tiniest glimpse into how much God loves each and every one of us.

A couple of days latter Mom took me to a meeting that was happening at the church. Our old stake president and his wife had just come back from their mission. They had a meeting to go over their mission and encourage others to go. We got there and there was a sea of white hair. The meeting was for 40 and over. I decided to stay anyways. I am so glad that I did. I don’t remember many specifics of what was said. I remember them talking about how hard it was. I also remember them talking about how important and wonderful it was too. Towards the end I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly that my eyes teared up. I knew that I needed to go.

So on Sunday I went to my bishop and got started. I am scared, and excited. Sometimes I wonder why I am doing this. When those times come I have to remember that the Lord has asked me to go, and if nothing else that is all that matters. I have the wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and bring His children to His love. What an opportunity.


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