Mission Call!!!

After getting my papers all submitted it was hard to wait. I kept busy and didn’t think about it because that was the only way to avoid going crazy, I think.

I was almost expecting it to come after just one week because we had gotten it in early the week before. It didn’t come. So I knew that I had to wait one more week. So the Friday two weeks after I sent in my papers I drove up to my house from work expecting a big white envelope to be sticking out of the mailbox. I didn’t see it. I walked up to it a little sad, but when I opened it up there it was. The mailman had folded it in. So I took it inside, set it on the table, and went downstairs to wait.

When Mom finally got home I called up my Dad and my brother so we could do a video chat. After I called both of them, I had a meltdown. I cried. I know, you might be thinking that that is supposed to happen after you open the envelope. I was just so scared of what was inside of there. I could be sent anywhere in the world, and all that possibility was inside a white envelope. Mom came down and calmed me down. A scripture that I had written on my white board came to my mind. “Be not afraid; only believe.”

White Envelope

White Envelope

So I went upstairs to open my call with my family.

I have been called to serve in the Mexico Monterrey West Mission for 18 months, teaching in the Spanish language.



Call & Map

Call & Map

Close Up Map

Close Up Map


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