MTC- a place where you can kneel down and pray in the middle of class! 10/24/13

Well, Here I am. Made it to P-day. We have it on Thursday. I got to go to the temple this morning which was a great experience. Then we got to do laundry. It took a long time because we had so much to do. Well, had lunch before that. We went down to Brighams Landing and got burgers. It wasn’t my favorite. I went to Jamba Juice after that and got a pumpkin shake. And they give half off to missionaries! It was great.

As for the rest of the week it has been SSSOOOOOO busy. We barely have enough time for it all. It’s great. I have taught 4 lessons already and have another one tonight. Our investigators name is R. It’s hard because we have to speak all in espanol. It’s hard to get your feelings across, but I have learned so much. We have had some great experiences with the spirit there.
My teachers name is Hermana O. She is great. She speaks all the time in Spanish. You have to learn quick. I have learned to say my testimony and pray. It’s so exciting!!!
In my district there are 4 of us Hermanas and 4 Elders. I love my district! We got to know each other really well right away. It’s lots of fun. My companions name is Hermana S from Twin Falls. The other two sisters are Hermanas A and S. the Elders are Elders P, H, B, and H. We have a great time.
My zone is pretty awesome also. There are only 4 other sisters and the rest is elders. We had one district that just left this week and we got another district yesterday. It was fun to go see them and welcome them. It’s always good not to be the newbies. We have another district that is leaving next week. We are going to miss them because they are a lot of fun.
We have time each day to exercise. We have been playing 4-square. It is really fun. I  have started doing push ups and sit ups and some sprints each time I get out. I’m a little sore but it’s good.
I should have said this at the beginning but I am actually not on the main MTC campus.. i love it because we get to walk around outside a lot. We get to walk up to main campus to go to devotionals (which were both great this week). The food is great. They give you two options each meal, plus soups and salad, and fruit. there is a lot to eat. My favorite has been the enchiladas 🙂
My branch consists of my zone. It was great because when I got here I said that I play the piano and everybody was so happy! They said that last week for church they had two elders playing one hand each. So I get to play a lot, which I am very excited for. I also got to play a special musical number on Wednesday for the new missionary orientation. It was funny because I was loading up my tray at dinner one day and one of the other Hermanas told an elder in line that I play the piano. So he asked if I wanted to accompany him. He had a great voice and I’m glad I got to do it.
So, all in all, I have had a great time. The Spirit is so strong here. All the people are amazing. I love being in a place where you can kneel down and pray in the middle of class when you feel you need to. We pray all the time. I have learned so much already and I am excited to learn more.
Love you all!!!
Hermana Chapman



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