12/4/13 First week in Mexico

This week was CRAZY!!!  My trainers name is Hna M, and I am with Hna S again! I can´t hardly believe it. She is great and I´m glad I get to be her companion again. (I would send pictures but I forgot my adapter for my mini card… Next week!)

México is so different than the US. All the houses are right next to each other and most of them have gates surrounding them. I really like the trees here. That may sound weird but they are dessert trees and I had never really seen them before. The food is pretty good. I bought peanut butter from Walmart the other day and it is yummy. Not the same as in the US. We eat almost everything with tortillas. I am trying to be careful with that though because I know they aren´t very healthy in large portions. the people are so sweet and they really love feeding us. We get a lot of food.
My favorite part so far though is that it is so easy to talk to people. there are usually a lot of people outside so we walk up and down the streets greeting everyone. We try to contact as many as we can and talk to them about the gospel. (funny story about that: we stopped someone to talk to them and Hna S introduced us as missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Spanish. they looked at her with big eyes and said, “no speak ingles!” Hna M had to jump in. It was great)
We have a lot of work to do and I love it.
this week we had a lot of special events. the first was a meeting with Elder J. who is the Area 70. He talked about M&M´s : Members & Missionaries. Surprisingly I understood quite a bit of it. the thing I got out of it the most was not, however what he said. During the meeting I was thinking about how great it was that we were learning more about how to work together as members and missionaries. Then the thought came to me! Every meeting that we go to should change our lives in some way. We always can learn something new and the reason we go to meetings is to learn to be better so that we can be better. Right? so that was my thought. Each day we are learning new things and it is such a waste if we just keep doing what we´re doing. We need to change, even when it is hard.
the second event was an event at the temple on Sunday. We took an investigator, and a less-active member to it. they had a concert. We didn´t get to go in because we are missionaries and there was SOO many people there. But while the first concert was going on and we were waiting for the people we came with, a bunch of us missionaries made a small choir and sang songs. It was a lot of fun. Another thing about the people here. They really like to be loud. While we were singing, they kept asking us to be a little bit louder. We were practically yelling the songs at the top of our lungs. shouting the gospel to all who could hear. It was fun.
The third was today. We got to go to the temple today which is why our p-day was today and not Monday like it normally is. It is a beautiful temple and I am so glad for the time that I had to go.
Well, that´s all I have time for this week. I only have 45 minutes each week to write all of you and Pres. S, but I´ll try to tell you all that I can.
I love it here in Mexico. It´s different, it´s hard, but most of all it is amazing. Every day I get to wake up and be a missionary for Christ. I get to take happiness to all that will listen. What a privilege.
Les Quiero Mucho!!!!!
Hermana Chapman la menor

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