Bautismo! ‏ 1/6/14


We were able to have our baptism this week. It was a couple that we have been teaching. Their names are A and J. They were so ready to here the gospel and accept it into their lives. There was such a great spirit in the baptism and during church when they were confirmed as well. I couldn´t stop smiling! They are so sweet and I can´t wait to keep working with them.
We also have 5 more investigators with baptismal dates!!! S and her family have accepted as a goal to be baptized the 8th of February. They are such a sweet family and since they have started coming to church we have felt something different in their home and you can see something different in their faces.
We also have an investigator named S. She is spunky and has a ton of faith. She is so prepared. She has a date for the 1st of February. She knows so much already and has so much faith in God. She knows that He is always there for us and answers prayers.
We are truly seeing miracles. Again, I have learned that this is the Lord´s work. Whatever opposition may come is no match for the love of God. I have felt it and I have seen it in the lives of these wonderful people. Another thing that I have learned is that this gospel is joy. In 2 Nephi 2:25 says ¨men care, that they might have djoy.¨ The gospel is what brings that joy into our lives. When I saw these people making the decision to come closer to Christ through a leap of faith I was so happy. I couldn´t wipe the cheesy grin off my face and I didn´t want to. We are so lucky to have this joy in our lives. To know that God can hear our prayers and that He always answers them. To know that Christ atoned for our sins and that one day we will be able to return to the presence of God with our families. What joy that is!! I am so grateful for that knowledge and for the blessing I have to be here in Mexico sharing it with my new friends.
This week we have transfers. My companions and I will most likely stay where we are because we have to finish our training but anything is possible. I´ll let you know next week.
Con mucho amor y un abrazo de oso!
Hermana Chapman

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