When we work hard and are obedient… 6/5/14

Sorry I didn´t get to write Monday. Don´t worry, we just had the chance to go to the temple today. It was so great and I was glad we got to visit.
This week in my old/new area has been pretty great. We have been getting a lot of support from the ward. We also have been able to find some amazing people. I wanted to share with you one story that was particularly great. We had food with a member just like we always do so we wrote down their address before leaving the house and went out to work. When we went to their house they didn´t answer. Sooo… we called the sister that is in charge of our food and asked what was going on. She she told us to hold on. Then another sister called us and said the family was waiting for us so we started walking to her house so she could take us there. Then the other sister called us back and told us to go back to where we were. So we were a little flustered and turned around. Just then a lady that was outside of her house asked, Are you missionaries? We of course said yes and stopped to talk. She is a less active member whos dad was a member but died when she was little. She stopped going to church at the age of 18 or so and said she wants to come back. The rest of her family aren´t members but she has had small influences from the Gospel in her home. We talked to her husband yesterday and he is now starting to investigate the church!
What I learned from this experience and others from this week: When we work hard and are obedient the Lord can work through us to find the people who are ready to hear and accept the gospel.
I am so glad to be a part of this work. I love all of you!
Make this week a good one and know that when we work hard and are obedient, we will be where the Lord needs us. Just be prepared for those opportunities that come by surprise.
I love this Gospel and I love that I know that God loves me. He love you too. Never forget it.
Con muchísimo amor y un abrazo de oso
Hermana Chapman  la menor

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