testimony of fasting 7/1/14

This week went pretty well. Pretty fast too. We had transfers on Tuesday but I am staying here with Hermana A. We also got two Elders in the ward too so I´m excited to see how we can all work together. They are both from Mexico (which is funny because we are both Americans…) Elder G and Elder C. Elder C is just starting out his mission! It´s great to get the new excitement from the new missionaries.

Another thing that happened this week. We had a mini flood in the house! It happened on Sunday morning. We were sleeping peacefully. Then I woke up because I heard a weird sound. I almost decided to just keep sleeping. What a blessing that I didn´t. So I got up and starting walking out of our bedroom. When I was just about at the door I felt water on the floor. That woke me up pretty fast. I got to the bathroom as fast as I can. In parts there was 1-2 inches of water on the floor. Turns out that the pipe that fills the tank of the toilet back up had broken and was spilling water everywhere! So I turned off the little knob to cut the water from continuing. (That was a trick that I didn´t know about till living here in Mexico). I checked the time to see if I should wake up my companion. 4:30. I decided to let her sleep. So I spent 45 minutes sweeping the water that was all over the floor into the shower, which is at a level just a little lower than the rest of the floor. Luckily, we don´t have carpet. All tile. It dried out just fine and only a few of my companions things got a little wet. Lots of blessings. It´s all fixed now but it was an adventure.
Well there is just one other thing that I wanted to share with all of you. It´s my testimony of fasting. This week we have been having troubles finding people to teach. So on Saturday in the afternoon my companion suggested that we fast to know how we could find a new family to teach. So we fasted. On Sunday we went to church, learned a lot, went to a members house for food, visited a couple of people (some of whom were not in their houses), and ended up going to our last scheduled appointment a bit late. We knocked and… he wasn´t there. But his daughter, X, came out to inform us, so we started talking to her. Long story short: We ended up teaching her the Restoration, giving her a Book of Mormon to read and pray about, and inviting her to be baptized!! AND SHE SAID YES!!! When we left that meeting that we had had at the gate of her porch we were so stunned and grateful to the Lord that we had been able to be a part of that experience. This young lady of 14 years recognized the truth and will be a great instrument to help her family and many others. I have a lot for hope for her.
And it has strengthened my testimony of the power of praying and fasting. I know it works and I know God is listening to each and every one of us. I know this gospel has the ability to change the lives of so many people, including our own, if we are willing to live it and, like Hermana Chapman la mayor said, rejoice in it. Rejoice in the opportunities that we have each day and don´t let a single one pass without thanking God for it. Even if it´s hard.
I´m so grateful to be a servant of the Lord. I´m so grateful to have the best family in the world. I am so grateful for the good and the bad times. I am so grateful for the love that God shows to me. I know he loves us, each and every one individually and specially.
Make this week a great one, and always remember that God loves you.
Con muchísimo amor y un abrazo de oso
Hermana Chapman la menor

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