I love being here 2/9/15

This week was awesome! We have been seeing a lot of success in our area. I haven`t been very good at telling you all about the people we are working with but here`s what`s been going on. We have 3 investigators

First, M. She is really great but has been going through a lot of struggles. It has been a new kind of experience to work on helping her trust in the Lord to help her through her problems. Something I`ve learned from it: you can`t keep feeling sorry for yourself. You have to work hard to get yourself out and that is when the blessings and miracles will come.
Second, E. He is amazing. He has gone to church 2 by himself! We contacted him in the street a while ago. He understands everything very well. His son, who is 14, also told us that he wants to be baptized! They, however, are receiving a lot of opposition from their family. I know the Lord will help us overcome this struggle.
Third, Y. She is a young mom with 2 kids. She told us that just last year she became really interested in finding out more about God. We`re the right ones for that! It has been amazing to see her progress. She came to church with us for the first time yesterday and was participating in the classes! She is amazing and I can`t wait to help her change even more her family to become what God wants them to be.
Well, I love being here. I was looking around at the ward yesterday and thinking about how much I love each and every one of them. I know that they are so important to our Heavenly Father. I hope you can all get to know the people in your wards. They are pretty amazing and each is so different and incredible.
I love you all and I hope you can have a wonderful week!
Con muchìsimo amor y un abrazo de oso
Hermana Chapman

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