¡LES AMO!‏ 3/9/15

Hola Familia!

Espero que esten bien todos.
This week was great. I am super excited for the area, my companion and more wonderful experiences.
My companions name is Hna L. She is from Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced wahaca). It`s in the south and is one of the places that has preserved the culture of Mexico the best. Another fun tip. She was trained by Hna B who was trained by me! Kind of fun. She is super cute and a really wonderful missionary
Keeping warm in bi-polar Monterrey. You pull the brown sock up and nobody knows! 🙂
​This week I had a thought that I would like to share with you all.
 What comes from inside of us (the light of Christ) has to be stronger than anything that can ever come from outside. I think that is why nothing that happens to us in life will be to much for us if we trust in Him. Our trust in Him comes from something much more powerful and much more important. It comes from our divine nature.
37 But, behold, it mattereth not—we trust God will deliver us, notwithstanding the weakness of our armies, yea,  and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies.
Alma 58:37
Or in terms for us ´But, behold, the circumstances matter not – we trust God will deliver us, notwithstanding our weaknesses, yea, and deliver us out of the hands of the enemy.´ 
Trust in God. We are His children and what He most wants is to bless us. To have us in His arms again. I know this gospel will take us there. Follow it. Trust in the leaders He has chosen for us. Work hard. Love the Lord. Never look back but to the future. 
Make this a great week.
Con muchìsimo amor y un abrazo de oso
Hermana Chapman

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