General Conference! 4/6/15

Wasn´t it amazing!? I hope you all watched every single session. I loved this week because the whole week we were inviting people to listen to the living prophet. It made me sad to realize how few people were willing to accompany us. However, those who did received answers very specifics just for them. I know that the Lord has each and every one of us in mind when He helps His servants prepare their talks.

Another thing that we are inviting people to do, which I would also like to extend to all of you, is think of some goals to be able to understand or obey what these servants of God have taught us. Goals are amazing. They help us progress.
This week I want to share an experience with all of you. We were so excited to invite everyone we could to the Conference. Before each session we invited everyone we possibly could, arriving at the church just as it was starting. We met a young man who told us that he would go if he was there. So on Sunday morning we passed by to see if we could find him. He was standing outside! However, when we invited him to join us he told us he was waiting for his girlfriend and would not be able to go. So we asked if we could pass by before the last session. He said, ¨If I´m here¨ So, just before the last session we had to pass by for another investigator so we went and got her. About 15 minutes before the conference started we ran out of the church building to go pick up this young man. We arrived at his house, out of breath. He was outside again! However, again he told us that he was waiting for someone. We invited, insisting a little. He told us then that he doesn´t believe in God. I asked him why. He didn´t really have an answer. I just told him that God will always be waiting for him. Now you might be thinking, ¨Why is she sharing this story with us?¨ Well, honestly I´m not sure. I think it´s because I felt so strongly that even though he didn´t want to go with us to the conference, that effort is not wasted. Every effort we make to live what God wants us to do, even if it seems that it didn´t really make a difference will always make a tiny difference to better someone elses life. I hope you can all make an effort to help those around you, even if it is something small that doesn´t seem to have an effect. I promise it does.
One last thought: It surprised me a lot that the prophet spoke so little. But I feel that that message must be the only one that God wanted to send to us. We all need to appreciate more the temple. That can be in many different ways: Walking around the outside and feeling the Spirit that emanates from it, baptisms for the dead, a session, etc. I hope we can all enjoy this wonderful blessing that we have. Plus, they are just beautiful!
Con muchísimo amor y un abrazo de oso! (Casi real)
Hermana Chapman

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